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Reviews and testimonials from past clients:

"Recommended without Reservation!"
I invited B to give a guest lecture to my class of upper year graduate students in the field of Medical Genomics at the University of Toronto at the recommendation of another colleague, and I cannot recommend him enough as a guest speaker / workshop moderator. He was engaging from start to finish, funny, dynamic, and candid. He spoke with the authority of someone who has lived through the content, but with the relatability and casual humour of a good friend touching base to make sure you’re up to date on the latest news in gender diversity and equity in healthcare. He was perfectly natural and able to easily tune the talk to the audience (even over Zoom!), and he met my graduate students precisely where they were, introducing rhetoric and best practices with grace, and without judgement. It was truly a pleasure to participate in this session, and I hope to have B back again to speak to my students in the future. I recommend him without reservation!

Erin Styles, Faculty Member in the Department of Molecular Genetics, at University of Toronto

"10/10 recommend"
If you are looking for ways to make your business inclusive for the transgender community and need advice, direction, or perhaps some inclusivity training for your staff, B is the person you want working alongside your organization. B specializes in workplace diversity and inclusion training, policy development and management so whatever your needs are chances are he's got you covered. In addition he does guest speaking and facilitates fun and interactive workshops on allyship, intersectionality, privilege and oppression. 10/10 recommend.

Nixon Van Justice, Seattle WA

"Intrinsic genuine kindness that just can't be denied"
I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with B on three projects centred on gender diversity. B is amazingly dedicated and conscientious, you can feel how he gives the best of himself to each project, even while juggling competing priorities. He’s one of those unique people who has the uncanny ability to make YOU feel special. It’s because he genuinely respects and enjoys others, you ARE special to him. He teaches diversity with humility, humour, and an intrinsic genuine kindness that can’t be denied.

Julie Coffey, Director, Centre for Education, Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare

"I look forward to working with him in the future"
I was pleased to work with Just B Diversity to bring LGBTQ 101 to our community. This session at the Stettler Public Library meant that members of the community had a safe space to come, ask questions and learn more about being an ally. I was impressed with the B's warmth, communication skills and subject-matter expertise and look forward to working with him in the future.

Rhonda O’Neill, Stettler Public Library

"I look forward to working with him in the future"
I go to every workshop of his I can because he’s so much fun. B is genuine and shares so much of himself with his audience that they always feel comfortable sharing with him and asking great questions. He makes sure to get everyone involved at their own comfort levels and never shames anyone for not knowing things, because we’re all always learning!

Alix A., attendee of Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Interactive Workshop, 2019

What part of this training was most useful? What did you get out of this webinar?

 "Definitions."

 "Practical knowledge."

 "The terminology! And I liked how he approached with a light touch."

 "An honest presenter where the safety to ask challenging questions is made clear."

 "New poverty reduction information."

 "B was fantastic!"

 "The correct terminology, the language, opening the conversation."

 "I have been doing a lot of anti-racist work and trying to be a better ally. Your analogy of the spoons was something I had heard of when it comes to chronic illness, but it really connected with me as an AHA moment when it comes to my spoons as a person who holds privilege in many areas. This made it more tangible to me."

 "I appreciated that B wasn't afraid to get uncomfortable (but after providing content warning). He

provided concrete examples of language we should all avoid to avoid causing harm to certain groups of marginalized people."

 "I loved that B shared so much of his own journey, and his family's, with such a great sense of humour."

 "Likes how Treaty 6,7, 8 and Metis Land was recognized as Land we are Learning on."

 "Thank you B."

 "This is much needed training. I hope for more in the future. We all know dark divisive forces are at

work in Alberta. It must be countered by us all."

 "Hope to see you next year."

 "Thank you so much, B! It was an awesome presentation. Very engaging even though there wasn't a huge opportunity for back and forth."

 "Great job B!"

Attendee evaluations from "Diversity & Inclusion: LGBTQ2S+ Allyship" webinar (October, 2020)



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