Just B Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Mission Statement

To provide a comfortable environment where people can exchange knowledge,
gain skills, and grow confidence while celebrating the differences of others.  

Meet B

My name is B Adair (he/him) and I was raised on a farm in East Central Alberta.  While navigating rural life as a gay and transgender man, I discovered my truest passion: diversity and inclusion advocacy. 

My dream started with healthcare advocacy as I worked as a paramedic and then in nursing; standing up for the rights of vulnerable patients that weren't able to advocate for themselves. I now specialize in assisting business owners in improving their diversity and inclusion policies, practices, and staff education.

I also get the exciting honour of sharing what I love the most with  people through public speaking, mentoring, and facilitating fun and interactive webinars and workshops that keep attendees entertained, enlightened, and engaged. 

I use my sense of humour, lived experiences, and relaxed personality to connect with people from all walks of life ensuring they feel safe & comfortable to learn and ask questions. I've found that people absorb information better and feel more confident in their knowledge and skills in a relaxed, judgement-free learning environment.


It's my goal to make everyone feel welcome, encouraged, and respected while in attendance.

 Organizations I've worked with


My Values 

  1. Demonstrating the integrity needed to lead by example

  2. Bringing my authenticity to each encounter, and using it to maintain a non-judgmental space where all are treated with compassion and respect

  3. Creating the trust needed to discuss sensitive or difficult information

  4. Sharing my passion for equity in a relaxed and safe environment

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