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Why Choose Just B?

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The Right Atmosphere

I strive to make every session relaxed, low-stress, and fun while still getting across the importance of diverse and inclusive practices.​ Some of these conversations can be difficult so I work hard to help people become comfortable with discomfort.

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The Right Conversations

When you choose Just B Consulting, you get a fresh perspective from someone who’s just like you: still actively learning. My goal is to always provide a safe and welcoming space where people feel comfortable asking questions without fear of judgement or shame. These difficult conversations matter and they are necessary. Without discussing conflicting views, we can’t make improvements to a severely broken system.

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The Right Information

You can Google ‘diversity and inclusion’, but you are likely to be overwhelmed by the results. More importantly, not all of that information will be accurate or up-to-date. I happily immerse myself in these topics so I can provide a simplified version of this invaluable knowledge. I grew up in rural Alberta where not a lot of this information was commonly known or shared. As I grow older and learn more about discrimination, bigotry, and bias, the more I become further invested in inclusion education and making the world just a little bit safer for our future generations.

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