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Customized Learning Opportunities

Let's learn together​

Allow Just B Consulting to provide a safe, low-stress learning environment when you attend one of my customized learning events. I want to work with you, your business, community organization, nonprofit, or any other type of group: big or small. My goal is to produce material that accommodates your needs and is relevant to your organization. I take pride in personalizing each event instead of relying on one single cookie-cutter presentation. We’re all unique; we all learn in different ways.

I’m happy to customize length, accessibility requirements, or whatever makes learning easiest for your group. The delivery method can also be modified into pre-recorded video sessions, self-study modules, one-on-one mentoring, keynote speaking events, fun & interactive group skills sessions, community conversations, and anything else you can dream up! 



Examples of learning events I've done previously:

Diversity and Inclusion is a very broad realm of information. I could talk for hours (and I do) about the different aspects of diversity, what it takes to create a sense of inclusivity, and what it means to be a true ally. Topics that may make up this type of conversation include managing bias, understanding privilege, inclusive language, and other introductory concepts.


Diversity &


Workplace Diversity and Inclusion topics are personalized to meet the individual needs of each client and can be adapted for healthcare facilities, community groups, mental health facilities, non-profits, sports groups, and so on. The general concepts are the same, but I specialize in providing content relevant to the people I'm working with. We'll discuss how to make workspaces safer and avoid hiring biases, how a diverse staff can increase your bottom line, improve production, employee engagement, and retention and why paying attention to marketing materials matters.



Teach what you know, right? Growing up in rural Alberta didn't exactly set me up to be the Keeper of All Queer Knowledge. Once I realized how relevant this stuff was to me (i.e. I stumbled head-first out of Narnia), I immersed myself into all things queer. Learning about the history of my community - the Stonewall riots, the many trailblazers that paved the way for us - inspired me to take action and be part of the next generation of leaders.  Concepts often discussed in these conversations include language & terminology, queer history, gender diversity, sex and sexuality, LGBTQ2S+ youth and/or seniors, and the many, many spectrums that make up queer identities.

Have I piqued your interest?

More examples of past learning events:

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