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What part of this training was most useful? What did you get out of this webinar?

 "Definitions."

 "Practical knowledge."

 "The terminology! And I liked how he approached with a light touch."

 "An honest presenter where the safety to ask challenging questions is made clear."

 "New poverty reduction information."

 "B was fantastic!"

 "The correct terminology, the language, opening the conversation."

 "I have been doing a lot of anti-racist work and trying to be a better ally. Your analogy of the spoons was something I had heard of when it comes to chronic illness, but it really connected with me as an AHA moment when it comes to my spoons as a person who holds privilege in many areas. This made it more tangible to me."

 "I appreciated that B wasn't afraid to get uncomfortable (but after providing content warning). He

provided concrete examples of language we should all avoid to avoid causing harm to certain groups of marginalized people."

 "I loved that B shared so much of his own journey, and his family's, with such a great sense of humour."

 "Likes how Treaty 6,7, 8 and Metis Land was recognized as Land we are Learning on."

 "Thank you B."

 "This is much needed training. I hope for more in the future. We all know dark divisive forces are at

work in Alberta. It must be countered by us all."

 "Hope to see you next year."

 "Thank you so much, B! It was an awesome presentation. Very engaging even though there wasn't a huge opportunity for back and forth."

 "Great job B!"

Attendee evaluations from "Diversity & Inclusion: LGBTQ2S+ Allyship" webinar (October, 2020)


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